The following articles have been written and contributed by Caitlin, an undergraduate studying Biology and Psychology who has volunteered with various rescues, zoos, and aquariums since the age of 16.  She currently owns a ‘legally’ blind cockatiel and fosters and trains difficult birds for Florida Parrot Rescue.  She runs a blog and YouTube channel to help communicate knowledge from the science of Applied Behavior Analysis to pet owners. Contact information:

Top 10 Ways to Build Relationships with Parrots

Predicting, Preventing, and Replacing Biting Behaviors


Animal Behavior 101: Learned Helplessness

Trainers with Bad Advice

Below, you will find Training and Behavior articles by Kenny Coogan, CPBT-KA, weekly pet columnist. He shares his home with 5 bantam chickens and a Moluccan cockatoo. Contact information:

7 Steps in Preventing Common Parrot Behavior Problems

The Cost of Bribery

Superstitious Behavior


Unused Toys

Food Challenges Good for Pets’ Well-being

The 7 Categories of Enrichment

Other Trusted Resources:

Natural Encounters

Animal Behavior Management Alliance

Behavior Works

The Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies

Dr. Susan Friedman (Empowering Parrots by Susan Friedman – positive reinforcement)

Sid Price

Lara Joseph

Barbara Heindenreich

Parrot Enrichment Activity Book by Kris Porter

Height Dominance by Steve Martin