Education about parrot care, health, diet, and behavior is an important aspect to owning a parrot.  We urge you to do all of the research you can before adopting a parrot and to keep up to date on parrot care after you adopt!

View information on each species of parrot you may find available for adoption through Florida Parrot Rescue.

Learn all about bird biology with a new interactive series about birds through the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Find information on the nutrition and health of parrots in captivity with links to blogs, groups, and other websites, as well as a list of frequently asked questions on care and diet.

Review additional information about parrots living in companion homes including acclimating parrots to your family, training, and behavior.

Learn how to make chop and bird bread.

Create an evacuation emergency kit and find pet friendly hotels in case of evacuation or travel so you can be prepared to care for your parrots during a natural disaster.

Are you worried about what may happen to your parrot(s) once you can no longer care for him/her or what will happen if you pass?  Read information on trusts and wills and decide if Florida Parrot Rescue is the right place for your beloved companion(s) to “land”..

View our previous newsletters for great recipes, articles on training and behavior, and information on volunteers, events, and our yearly budget and expenses.

We also suggest that you watch the PBS documentary Parrot Confidential to learn more about the plight of parrots in captivity. You can also read about Parrot Conservation in the New World by Nigel Collar and about Dimensions and Causes of the Parrot Conservation Crisis by N.J. Collar and A.T. Juniper.