Florida Parrot Rescue was established by Jennifer and Chris, who were team members at a local animal hospital. After getting repeated requests from bird owners wanting to surrender their birds, they decided to see what they could do to help. Realizing there are few avian rescues out there prepared to handle the intake and veterinary care of exotic birds, they formed Florida Parrot Rescue. This organization was established to pair the right birds with their forever families.

Florida Parrot Rescue is a not-for-profit avian rescue dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and placement of companion parrots. We understand that all parrot owners love their birds, and that finding a new home for their birds is used as a last option. Florida Parrot Rescue remains non-judgmental and supportive in your time of need. If you need to re-home your bird, Florida Parrot Rescue can help by offering your bird a safe place to stay and get veterinary care until the right home can be found!

Florida Parrot Rescue is run and supported by the help of our wonderful volunteers. We are 100% not-for-profit, and have no paid employees. Everyone who works for Florida Parrot Rescue does so without any financial compensation, donating their time and efforts to our goals. Because we run and depend on our volunteers, we ask you to be patient and understanding when inquiring about adopting a bird or volunteering to help. Most of us work full time jobs in addition to supporting the rescue, and we appreciate your patience.

You can read all about our officers, coordinators and managers HERE.


Florida Parrot Rescue is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of companion parrots. We strive to educate parrot owners on proper handling and care of parrots. Should someone be unable to keep their bird(s) for ANY reason, we want them to know there is a place to turn, and that they are not alone. It is our goal to provide a safe haven for birds that cannot stay with their owners or birds in need, and then to find those birds permanent forever homes with loving and responsible families.

  • Rescue and rehabilitate abused and neglected birds
  • Veterinary care and treatment for birds in need
  • Provide parrot owners with a place to bring their birds in the event that they can no longer keep them.
  • Educate new & current parrot owners on proper care & handling of their companion parrots.
  • Adoptions & Adoption Counseling
  • Behavior Counseling

Florida Parrot Rescue works out of a network of foster homes spread throughout the entire state of Florida.  We currently have over 80 foster homes and volunteers. When birds are placed onto our waiting list to come into rescue, our foster coordinators work with the fosters to match up the birds in need with the right foster home.  When the bird is brought into rescue, that animal will see one of the many veterinarians we work with throughout the state of Florida and will be provided with any needed medical care.  Once cleared for adoption, the bird will remain in its foster home until a suitable permanent home can be found.  The foster home cares for their foster bird as their own until that happens. Our adoption process is extensive and you can read about it HERE. We have several programs available in addition to adoptions, you can read about those programs HERE.


We would like you to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our services. Remember that we are here for you to work together in finding forever homes for your feathered friends. We will do everything we can to achieve this mutual goal.

Email us at info@floridaparrotrescue.com  for our fastest response. All e-mails are answered usually within 24 hours, we will answer emergency e-mails as quickly as we can. Please just be patient with us and remember we are an all volunteer run organization!