Florida Parrot Rescue has several programs on which we focus.

Adoption Program

The adoption program is the main goal of Florida Parrot Rescue and we have adopted out over 900 animals since the rescues inception.  The adoption program consists of foster homes which care for animals while they are waiting to be adopted and is promoted through our website, facebook, twitter, and several online adoption platforms, including Pet Finder and Adopt A Pet.  The majority of our resources go to the vetting and care of the birds available for adoption.

Education Program

Our education program includes participation in community, adoption, and educational events throughout the state of Florida.  Volunteers set up booths to promote adoption, fostering, and education of parrots and other animals in companion homes.  We showcase animals available for adoption and teach people how to properly care for animals they already have in their homes.  Education also extends out through our website, facebook, and twitter, as well as our bi-yearly newsletters. You can see our Education page for information on parrot care, health, and behavior and you can see a list of events in which we will be participating throughout the state of Florida on our events page.

Florida Parrot Rescue Kids

This program involves the children of current foster homes within Florida Parrot Rescue and allows the foster families (with the kids in charge) to extend their reach beyond parrots and to bring foster dogs and cats into their homes.  The children care for the animals (with adult supervision) and write the biographies and take pictures of the animals so they may be placed up for adoption. This program teaches children empathy towards animals in need and what it takes to run a rescue, properly vet an animal, and how to let go when a great home has been found so that another animal can then be helped. This program teaches children that a difference can be made, one animal at a time! If we have any dogs or cats currently for adoption, they will be listed on the Adoptable Animals page.

Parrots for Life

Parrots for Life is a program designed to help people who own parrots decide if they would like their bird to go to a rescue or sanctuary once they are no longer able to care for their beloved companion(s).  Interested parties can read how to set up and word trusts, wills, and find information on what to look for in legitimate rescues and sanctuaries to help them decide if Florida Parrot Rescue is the right place for their bird(s) to “land”.