• Parrots For Life Request Form

    **PLEASE NOTE: This form must be completed on a desktop or laptop - if you use a cell phone or tablet, the system may not accept your form. Please also wait until you receive a pop up screen saying your form has been submitted BEFORE closing the web page**

    Although you can't leave money directly to a companion animal, there are lots of things you can do to make sure your pets are well provided for when you can no longer take care of them. You have two options:

    1.) Leave your companion to someone in your will or living trust (family member or friend)

    2.) Sign up with a non-profit rescue or sanctuary to provide or find a home for your animal(s)

    If you don't name a new owner in your will or trust, one of three generally undesirable consequences could result:

    • Your pet(s) will go to the residuary beneficiary of your will (the beneficiary who inherits everything that's not taken care of by the rest of the will); or

    • If you don't have a will, your pet(s) will go to your next of kin, as determined by state law; or

    • Your pet(s) may be sent to the local animal services in your area where you run the risk of him/her being euthanized.

    If you have decided you would like Florida Parrot Rescue to be the place where your parrot(s) “land” please fill out the following Parrots for Life Request form and our relinquishment coordinator will speak with you about the proper documentations we will need.

    Please fill out only one form for all of your parrots - but please specify if any are bonded.