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Please be advised that all dogs and cats in the home MUST be up to date on rabies, parvo/distemper and heartworm testing, and those vaccinations needed for felines. Also all birds in the home must have had a wellness check up with gram stain within the past year. We cannot, and will not, process any applications if your pets are not up to date. If you fill out the application and your animals are not current we again cannot process your application UNTIL all pets are brought up to date, therefore you delay your adoption/foster process. By continuing this application, I affirm that I have checked with my current vet that all animals including birds, are up to date on yearly wellness checks and applicable vaccines.

If you already live with parrots/birds, list the name and contact information for your avian vet.

If you have other animals in your home, please list their vet's contact information.

By signing below, I agree that the items contained in this document are the truth to the best of my knowledge; and I understand that the items contained in this application are legally binding; and I understand that if I am allowed to adopt an animal, the animal must remain in my personal home and under my personal care; and I understand that for four consecutive years following the date of an adoption of an animal, FPR may legally and lawfully remove the animal from my possession for Just Cause (outlined in the adoption contract); and I understand and agree that if my circumstances and/or contact information change, that I must contact FPR immediately and forward any changes to my address(es) and/or phone numbers(s) to FPR immediately; and I also agree to allow FPR to perform a background check prior to approval of this application.

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